Hail in California Valley

April 19. Strange series of storms passed through the California San Joaquin Valley, starting from last week. Hail, lightning and tornadoes hit the fields where crops are grown, bringing the total damage from crop losses in the millions of dollars.

In a couple of weeks, before they are aware of the exact numbers, but we can already say with certainty that some manufacturers have suffered 100% loss of crops.

Diameter hail was almost 4 cm Nature's fury came as a huge thunderstorm cells that slowly moved along the California valley from Kings County in Tulare County to Merced, in an easterly direction to the District of Mariposa.

The most destructive storm brought rain, which stretches for 30 km and was moving strip of 9,6-12,8 km. However, he was accompanied by thunderstorms and numerous lightning strikes.

The epicenter of a storm area last Wednesday was in Tulare County near Traver. Gardener Ed Needham, who with his friends was caught in a storm the way, described the thunder as if someone had hit him with a hammer on the truck. He watched as two thunderstorm cells moving from the north and south. Initially, they were small and it seemed that no danger as long as he and his companions did not see how the road begins to crumble large hail.

Storm in the California Valley hunters tracked storms with Atmospheric Group International. According to them this week brought the storm damage at least $ 25 million fruit and nut trees were so badly beaten that were completely without a single fruit. The overall picture resembles the middle of winter, when the trees are bare and not even bloomed yet.

According to the farmers, it was the largest by hail damage, for all the time they work.

Source: Rage Of Nature

Source: www.vseneprostotak.ru

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