Hair transplant

Attitude to his bald head has always been ambivalent. Julius Caesar, for example, was putting her hair so as to cover baldness emerged as one of the monks from the monastery of St.. Amanda wrote a poem in praise of baldness.

In 1939, a Japanese dermatologist Okuda described the first method of hair transplantation.

New hair

Problem. Thinning hair and baldness, which affects not only men but also women.

What to do? Transplanting own hair.

Operation. Hair transplants are taken from the back of the head, where hair tends to grow throughout life. Operation 3-4 hours under local anesthesia. On the back of the head with a scalpel excised flap of skin with hair follicles (follicles). Then out of this flap is cut out to 2000 mikrotransplantantov (with 1-4 follicles each). The size of each such mikrotrasplantanta — about 1 mm. In the area of alopecia with miniskalpelya or minibora shaped hole where and placed mikrotrasplantanty. After surgery, the patient can go home immediately.

Contraindications. The lack of hair follicles in the donor area.

Possible complications. No specific.

The recovery period. No bandages frightening the patient does not impose, in fact, as early as 24 hours you can wash your hair. At the station, where they had been transplanted hair makes small crusts that disappear in 7-10 days. 2-3 days may be small swelling on the forehead, which take place in 2-3 days. The transplanted hair will not cause any discomfort and begin to grow in a few months. Then, with a haircut can do anything you want. And best of all, the new hair will not fall out. The operation can be repeated 2-4 times. The number of repeated operations depends on the area of the donor area.

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