Heat returns to Moscow

Atmospheric front, coupled with a cold snap and rain, leaving the Capital Region. According to weather forecasts, the weekend in Moscow and the region will return a 30-degree heat, which will last until Wednesday.

Warming began on Friday. Cool morning with fog descended on Moscow at night and interfere with the airport for dinner changed warming up to +21 … 26 ° C. On Saturday night expected to be about 11 … 14 ° C during the day — up to 26 … 29 ° C. Places the air warms up +30 ° C. The same weather will be on Sunday. Over the weekend in Moscow will be clear and no rain.

Hot weather will bring Mediterranean anticyclone, but it will last too long. Promises to be a watershed day Wednesday, August 17, when the air warms up last almost to +30 ° C, after which the heat gradually to fall, reports the Center Weather "Phobos."

For those who want to push the approach of autumn, those days will be compensated for the bad weather, suddenly complained to the capital late last month and the first week of the August, when the average temperature was below normal. For those who find it difficult to heat, should mentally prepare for the next drop of weather.


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