Heavenly train number C/2010 X1

Comet C/2010 X1, better known under the name of Comet Elenin, ceases to exist. Many humans in awe of the expected convergence of the celestial body with the Earth, they expected that the comet will serve as a guide for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

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And in view of the possible events in December 2012, the appearance of a comet-conductor to earth the sky, would cause mass hysteria among the supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, which in the U.S. alone there are more than 100 million. But, unfortunately, the life cycle of a celestial body is complete, which means that on October 16, the day of the expected maximum approach to the Earth, the comet will turn to dust. The possibility of such a scenario, reasoned and he Leonid Elenin — the discoverer of the celestial wanderer. He said:

— Chances are that the comet destroyed. She's too young to resist the gravitational influence of the sun. Observations have shown that, starting from August 20, the comet became gradually fade in brightness fades. It is possible that it will turn to dust before the cherished date (October 16).

Interest in the comet warmed statements Argentine astronomer Sergio Tuscany, who claimed that he had made the images are clearly seen two cylinders behind the comet-like silhouettes of their alien spaceships. And, in his opinion, the comet — a shield that protects us seeking to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations from asteroids. Despite the denials that followed from the lips of Elenin, the possibility of this fact continues to haunt the minds of gullible earthlings.

— These cylinders and there are spaceships, aliens run — explained to journalists the Argentine edition Contexto Toscano. — They are hiding behind the comet to ensure that we did not find them ahead of time. In addition, it serves as a shield them from asteroids. Or comet itself — is part of the giant ship, which consists of two sections. It aliens travel the expanse of space, visiting different planets. Elenin assured that the cylinders, rising above the back of the celestial body — it just all blurred photos stars located behind the comet.

But the comet is gone, which means that long-awaited meeting with the brothers on reason again postponed indefinitely.

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