Heavy rain in Yemen

April 9. Heavy rains fell on Yemen, the authorities rush to take precautions. For the second day of heavy rains are over Yemen, government agencies and the media are paralyzed, especially in the capital Sana'a, which is covered in darkness for more than 24 hours.

Public and private employees can not get to work because transport system was hit hard by the rains. In Sanaa, many streets were deserted, but on the other a traffic jam. Some roads also suffered.

Some provinces have already been heavy rainfall, and authorities say weather, according to which the territories precipitation will fall again, mostly for cities in the mountainous terrain. At the same time, the National Metrology Centre advised the citizens, especially in the mountains, take precautions so as not to suffer from storms, floods and landslides.

Forecaster Rashid Al Ariki said that in the next 24 hours rain will continue. He clarified that the San, Amran, Sa'ada, Taiz, Ibb and Dale are in the area of heavy rainfall. In Sanaa precipitation is 23 mm. The greatest amount of precipitation was recorded in Ibb — 35 mm, the second highest rainfall city Mache — 24 mm.

In addition, rain fell on Sanaa at a time when thousands of protesters were still in tents near the University of Sanaa. Protesters set up tents in the streets near the university to protest against the reforms last year, and have been there for over a year.

"Many of the tents were destroyed along with its contents, when they flooded by rain, leaving people without sleep, and many are still looking for a way to cope with the situation," — said one of the protesters.

In recent years rainfall has repeatedly destroyed houses in the cities of Yemen, forcing the family to flee. Because of the rains were also many deaths, especially in the eastern provinces of Hadramut (Hadramout) and Mahra.

Translation: Antoshkina Anastasia
Source: Yemen Post

Source: vseneprostotak.ru.

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