Heavy snow caused traffic accidents and traffic congestion Yaroslavl region

Ice, formed after prolonged snowfall in the Yaroslavl region, prevents waggons to enter the track rises and creates numerous traffic congestion, the number of road accidents in the regional center has increased by about 60%, told RIA Novosti the propaganda department of the regional traffic police control Elena Artemov.

Snowfall in the Yaroslavl region lasted from Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon, when he is greatly amplified at night. According to the traffic police for Tuesday on the roads of the Yaroslavl region periodically arise congestion, some of them spread over two or three miles.

"Difficulties arise where there is a rise, and mainly for heavy vehicles, for trucks — no grip on the road surface, prevents ice. Traffic police with the help of local authorities attract movers" — said Artemov.

The situation is worst in Danilovsky toward federal highway Pereslavskoe hills, part of the route in the Rostov region of the area.

According to the source, the problem is due to the fact that the services responsible for the content of these sites is not sprinkled on their reagents. In this case, there is even such a regional center. In particular, on Tuesday morning on October bridge (one of the main bridges of Yaroslavl, on the River Volga) were not able to drive even buses — slipped. However, in the course of the day the road was strewed.

Currently, the most problematic area — South West Ring Road in Yaroslavl. According Artemova, it is narrow, there are ups and waggons difficult to move on it, they get stuck, and the car does not drive around them, creating a traffic jam.

"In this situation, the traffic police can advise motorists only, if possible, leave your vehicle at home. For example, half of our employees today to come to work by public transport. Well, if you had traveled to the city by car, be sure to observe the rules "- said Artemov.

"Yesterday we had 150 crash in Yaroslavl, although nesnezhny day is usually 80-90. Today, most likely there will be more, because at 14.00 MSK already registered 100 accidents," — said Artemov.

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