Humane weapons of the U.S. Army

Modern military-strategic concept includes U.S. peacekeeping operations, the fight against international terrorism, organized crime, in the first place — with the drug mafia. Such challenges require innovative and new weapons systems, in particular, can, hitting the enemy, not to kill him. We are talking about non-lethal technologies and combat vehicles. And to them the American experts attribute the newest systems barrages of blowing agents, networks, and aerosols inhibitors that prevent or completely blocking the traffic and people. Among them is the chemical substance "soothing" action — powerful tranquilizers, easily penetrating the blood and temporarily paralyzing the person. Retsentury these substances have already been developed at the Technical Center in Aberdeen, (piece of Maryland), tested, put into production and adopted reyndzherskih units and the Marine Corps.
One of the most effective tools of a future war — Teflon — more precisely, "Supergrease" based on it, converting the highway, rail tracks and runways in superslippery rollers, the movement of which can not, and delete it — it is a very time-consuming. But there is also a means of similar purpose, acting just the opposite, it is — designed in Aberdeen cyanoacrylate (CC), glue, gluing instantly weapon parts and components of cars and even … arresting equipment to the ground. In the "Sandia National Laboratories", Albuquerque (New Mexico pcs) developed two types of synthetic foam with the highest level stickiness. Sprayed it in a matter of seconds give a solid mass and prevented the people and obstruct the movement of vehicles. A man caught in this layer, not only constrained but also blinded and deafened. In May 2000, "Supergrease" CC-adhesive foam and synthetic accepted for service and are designed for use in systems of salvo fire projectiles.
Advanced military research agency (g.Arlington, pcs. VA) has created a so-called "supertuman" represents a completely opaque mist, impenetrable to light and thermal radiation. Any devices and sights, including — infrared, in such a "supertumane" become powerless. Spray this means of camouflage designed small-sized self-propelled gun, capable of a few seconds to hide unit type company. But the soldiers for their orientation in such a veil will be equipped with special glasses, working in a range of longer wavelengths. At the beginning of this year, "supertuman", code name-4-A, was tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Results found quite positive, and the end of 2000-4-A should be adopted to equip the units of chemical protection.

Great importance is attached to the acoustic and laser weapons. Man, like all animals, his senses can perceive acoustic vibrations of different frequencies. Their elevation or lowering of a living organism is not perceived as a change in the sound, but as a blow to his organs, causing extreme pain. Established military generators ultrasonic vibration frequencies in out — of more than 100 kHz. They exert strong pressure on the brain and nervous system, causing severe headache, dizziness, visual disturbances and breathing, convulsions, and even loss of consciousness.
It is equally suitable for use as a means of fighting infrasound generators working at ultralow frequencies below 16 Hz. According to the weekly "Defense News", the work on prototypes of combat infrasound generators almost complete. "America's Technology korporeshn" has developed four types of infrasound weapons that were tested in November 1999 at the site Quantico (sht.Virdzhiniya). Two of them are designed to equip a single soldier, the other two are mounted on a standard military transporters. All types of martial generators produce infrasound intensity from 120 to 130 decibels. This provides a high level of selectivity of the attack and allows you to direct the sound "beam" at a specific target, including — for the individual.
Temporarily beam strikes the ear membrane and resonates in the body. Affected by this attack, a person loses orientation in space, experiencing a painful shock, nausea, losing consciousness, but usually … does not die. The advantage of the current sample in the fact that they are completely harmless to them armed soldier, very economical, converting sound into up to 70 percent of the original energy.
According to the director of "America's Technology Corporation" Things Kintner, now the realization of the idea of combining infrasound generator with a laser. Laser gun capable of temporarily blinding enemy soldiers reydzherov taken into service in 1996. If they are combined with infrasound, it will instantly and completely neutralize enemy personnel on the desired object without killing. The development of the laser hitting weapons in the U.S. occupied the scientists at Los Alamos and specialists Research Center in Picatinny (piece of New Jersey). Has developed portable blinding installation. There's also created a high-hitting and fighting chemical laser capable of destroying missiles in flight multiple launch rocket systems.
In the laboratory, San Juan Capistrano (California) developed "laser gun" with a low-energy laser, acting only on the retina and completely harmless to other parts of the human body. These guns purchased the Pentagon to arm the Rangers.

In the first two weeks of the war against Yugoslavia on its territory were dropped more than 400 heavy planning bombs JDAM. The effect of such a bomb is comparable to the one of the effects of a nuclear explosion — its electromagnetic pulse. Generated a powerful stream of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which causes a malfunction of the enemy, in the first place — the air defense radar system. In the Yugoslav operation that bomb was used just for that purpose.
Another bomb W-CMD — controlled cassette — was used in the final stage of military operations for the scrapping of the public power supply systems. After resetting its cassette disclosed by throwing a large number of sub-elements, filled with graphite fibers. They settled on the open distribution devices CHP and transformer substations, causing their closure, and thus deprived of power entire regions of Yugoslavia.
Today we know are four types of electromagnetic weapons that have been tested and accepted by the U.S. Army. They will be used by Artillery salvo barrel and systems. The radius of the lesions on the order of magnitude greater than that of equal caliber shrapnel and high explosive shells. They derive from the radar system and any other devices, including — emitting apparatus. Also — block the action of proximity fuses in mines and rocket warheads.

For the first time the term "information war" began to be used in U.S. military documents after the operation "Desert Storm." Later in the directive T.S.3600 on December 21, 1993 U.S. Secretary of Defense has been formulated "The concept of information warfare", which determines the basic principles of combat management systems on the battlefield and beyond. Realizing the importance and urgency of the problem, the military-political leadership of the country had already allocated as a priority direction in ensuring the national security of the U.S. information infrastructure improvement. Naturally, this concept has been supported by funding — and considerable. In 1995, the allocation for the development of methods and means of information warfare up to $ 5 billion and increase by 5 percent annually.
This is justified because, according to U.S. experts, other than amateur hackers in the world today, there are over 50 states, anyway considering the United States as a target for computer sabotage and espionage. According to the CIA, currently by hackers have special services in China, India, Russia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Israel and other countries. Between 1996 and 2000, the number of unsolved cases of hackers in the secr
et of the U.S. has increased from 128 to 570. This was said with undisguised dismay at a congressional hearing Gen. Kenneth Monihen, director of the National Security Agency, "Information attacks may have the most disastrous consequences, especially when they are conducted in an organized, at the state level. I believe that such action is necessary to equate the use of weapons of mass destruction. "
This situation demanded that the U.S. administration's immediate and appropriate action. They put it in the formation of special units of the armed forces and in the bodies of the FBI. But if the latter are intended to protect the information networks of the country, the army — are focused on attacking actions. Their task: disabling communication systems and the Air Defense Command, and other branches of the armed forces of the enemy, the introduction of computer viruses in the military and civilian network of its management, violation of the energy mix, and other life support systems, channels of information and communication in the settlements.
To perform these tasks developed a set of computer weapons systems that received the code name of "Blitzkrieg" (BLK). His company is the creator of the "Future Vision of groups" (Santa Fe, pcs. New Mexico). The main component of the system is a computer virus. Its chief designer Larry Wood in an interview with the weekly "Defense News" describes the system as a set of algorithms, based at the so-called "chaos theory." Larry Wood said: "Our viruses infect even computers disconnected from the network, because there is a lower level than electrons, or elementary particles."
In view of the universal features of the algorithms "Blitzkrieg", it is designed in two versions: a purely defensive and attacking. Attacking army special forces equipped with generators, designed for operations of the information war.
On the teaching in May of this year, held in Fort Leavenworth, was tested comprehensive information warfare scenario using a system of "Blitzkrieg". Its development has been in the order of the telephone network of the country "X" was introduced algorithm system BLK, who led the first completely failed. Was also destroyed by the physical basis of the electronic equipment, including the one that controls the movement of air and ground transport. Finally, special bombs, causing heavy duty electromagnetic pulse almost completely knocked out power stations and cable channels transmit power. The life of the country "X" was paralyzed. According to one of the leaders of the teachings of General Thomas Moorman, the "system" Blitzkrieg "is simply crushed the enemy, with its help we can stop the war before it starts."

Weapons of global destruction

Its systems are considered the last word in the development of non-conventional weapons. The principal difference between them is that they are not meant to destroy the person, and for the selective effects on specific components of its habitat. Integrated application of these weapons in the future will amaze environment theaters of war twenty-first century.
The most dangerous type of weapon of mass destruction is ecological because it affects the biosphere, the resources of which are essential, but are very limited and almost non-renewable. Despite such horrible possibilities, special means of influence on the biosphere have been used even in the twentieth century. Symbolic date of birth of the funds can be considered Nov. 30, 1961, when President John F. Kennedy took the decision to use military phytotoxic formulations for the destruction of vegetation cover the fighting in Vietnam. They were used as part of a special operation "Ranch Hand" and showed quite satisfactory performance for the destruction of natural camouflage tanks of the enemy, that is, deciduous forest cover, which the Russian army slang called "green paint."
Since then was active development of various types of environmental weapons, which have a whole range of energy sources and mechanisms of influence on the environment. Among them — the system that generates natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods), disasters (volcanic eruptions, mud flows and avalanches), provoking the local climate change, the destruction of the sources and natural resources, damage to flora and fauna, etc.
Certainly, the creation of non-traditional and exotic weapons systems — a very long knowledge-intensive and expensive process. The development of these tools by the forces of either superpower (previously — the U.S. and Russia, and now — U.S. only), or a group of states and extremist organizations with common strategic interests. In general, according to U.S. experts, the possession of weapons of environmental factors will make it a powerful geostrategic threat and will, even without direct violence to compel the enemy to surrender. If he refuses to lay down their arms — could become an alternative to the almost complete destruction of the natural environment in its territory.

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