Hunter aliens living mammoth extracted video

Another sensation from Hunter Aliens: extracted video "real mammoth," the Chukotka region

A former employee of NASA, and now — a hunter UFO and paranormal investigator Michael Cohen introduced the world to the next sensation. To him fell the video that proves, according to Cohen, is that prehistoric animals still exist. This view is shared in Iceland — in there the lakes themselves, are found his "Nessie".

In the video, made last summer "somewhere in Siberia" (or rather, in the Far East — in Chukotka), showing a large creature covered with brown hair that goes to wade the river. It is very similar to the hairy elephant, or rather, a mammoth, so how one can distinguish it a bit of a trunk. There is also a huge and tusks, shares his impressions of the British The Telegraph.

Michael Cohen became famous for a series of high-profile statements about the arrival of aliens on Earth and other paranormal incidents. For example, Cohen took a UFO geksakopter who flew 10 December 2011 on Bolotnaya Square. Earlier, he said the love aliens to Russia and reported a UFO flying by the Brazilian jungle. On its website, "the world's only inter-galactic daily news service," Cohen says of flying UFOs over the U.S. White House and the fall of alien spacecraft in the Soviet Union.

In support of his hypothesis, he usually brings video. Of course, amateur and very poor quality. No exception latest find, lined some time ago by an anonymous user on YouTube. According to some, the author is a citizen of Russia, a civil engineer who came to Chukotka to work on road construction. During one of the areas of intelligence, and he has witnessed a miracle of nature — a living mammoth.

The Russian government is hiding from the world of mammoths

"It is possible that some species considered extinct in some places still are small populations" — quoted Cohen's The Daily Mail.

He believes that the Russian government may be aware of the mammoth, but hides it. After all, if it becomes known that in Siberia still live these ancient animals, says Cohen, the authorities' plans for the development of the region will be jeopardized.

Perhaps, however, that the development of Siberia and the Far East mammoths while not threatening: it was a very hairy creature Cohen reminds simple modern inhabitant Russian forests — the brown bear. As for the tusks and trunk — Clubfoot seem to be able to catch a big fish, which he carries in his mouth to eat on the beach.

Many commentators and does claim that the video — this is an ordinary assembly, and not the best quality.

Iceland has caught a monster of unknown

If desired, an amateur video you can see anything. An example of this is the record, published in the middle of this week. Icelandic farmer Hortur Kjerulf filmed the mysterious "worm" in Lake Lagarfljot, where, according to legend, as in the Scottish Loch Ness, home to ancient monsters.


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