Hurricane and tornado in Argentina

14 people were victims of the hurricane in Argentina

April 5. Element, the hardest hit in Buenos Aires, killed 14 people and another 20 were injured. Strong gusts of wind with hail came down to Argentina on Thursday morning.

Wind speed was 100 kilometers per hour. Hurricane blows the roof of houses, signs, light poles, trees valilo. There were power outages. At least 14 people were killed.

According to a rescue Luciano Timerman, four residents of Buenos Aires killed by hail. Seven other elements overtook on the outskirts of the capital, one was killed by electric shock, six were crushed under the collapsed walls and roofs.

It is known that 20 people turned to doctors.

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Growing number of victims of Hurricane

April 6. Most people died just in the province of Buenos Aires, where winds reached speeds of more than 100km per hour, the wind force was so great that he had no trouble tearing rooted trees and tore roofs off houses.

In addition, a recorded death a teenager who was killed by a current in the city of Santa Fe, in the north-east of the country, after stepping on the bare cable dangling power lines.

As a result of the storm, many areas of the capital of Argentina remained without electricity.

According to witnesses in recent years in a country dominated by the unseasonably hot and humid weather, which dramatically changed the strong storm. Some local media reported squalls of wind force of up to 120 km per hour. City streets even now blocked by fallen trees and debris of destroyed houses.

Ten people were injured when a strong wind blew the roof off the church and thrown on the road, at that time on the road there were people who were waiting for the arrival of the shuttle.

According to the news agency, most of the people died instantly — crushed by fallen trees and parts of houses, while the rest died after receiving an electric shock.

The official representative of Diego Santilli called it a tornado, "hell" for the city and its residents.

In addition, he said that he has already started work on clearing the streets of debris and restore power to the de-energized parts of the city.

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As a result, the strongest hurricane in Argentina, killed 14 people

April 6. Severe hurricane that hit Argentina on Thursday killed at least 14 people and another 18 injured, officials said the South American country. Wind gusts that reached 120 km per hour, torrential rain and hail in Buenos Aires, the cave houses, broken trees. Flood waters have turned the streets into a megacity large rivers, flooded basements. Damage from falling branches broken off trees and hail were dozens of cars. In the capital, power supply was disrupted for a while stopped working underground.

Currently, local authorities are working on disaster relief, restoration of communications, electricity, clearing the streets of fallen trees, roofs and calving billboards.

The hurricane affected the territory of a neighboring Uruguay to Argentina. Bad weather forced the president of this country, Jorge Mujica cancel a working visit to Brazil.



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