Hurricane in southern Kuzbass tore roofs off houses

Hurricane swept through on Monday in the south of the Kemerovo region, the roofs of several buildings have been torn down, along with fixtures. In the city of Osinniki regime introduced emergency, said city government civil defense and emergencies.

Strong wind, whose speed was 30 kilometers per hour, tore several roofs in cities Myski and aspen forests. In Aspen was declared emergency mode. In Novokuznetsk by gale was broken power supply, which is currently being restored.

In Aspen with the House of Culture in the street road was blown away with the fixtures and chimneys. Tearing the roof area of 230 square meters. In the toe as a result of the elements remained without a roof pump and filter station of the local water utility, the area of damage — 200 square meters. No injuries were reported.

Now these towns there is still a strong wind. Emergency break even strong birch trees and broken branches of breaking glass in the house. In Novokuznetsk woman 55 years old was killed by a falling tree at her, another woman injured. It was also damaged 4 cars.

Emergency Situations Ministry earlier warned residents of the region of the cold snap and strong winds of up to 25-30 miles per hour. Now experts MOE asking citizens in the next 2-3 days to follow closely at the information about the weather.

Category: Natural disasters and the environment

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