Hypersonic weapon on «stealth»: the U.S. is afraid of Russia

Hypersonic weapon on

South American military wants to significantly increment financing projects for the development of hypersonic weapons and ammunition to arm similar «stealth aircraft» Fifth-generation F-22 and F-35. This activity is the U.S. Russia is seriously concerned.

In decades of various military tried to make missiles capable of flying at hypersonic speeds. Similar instrument actually is invulnerable and can overcome any defense. Hitherto tests hypersonic weapon came with varying success, and before the creation of the samples, which can adopt as far.

But the U.S. Air Force wish to change the situation and, in addition, the ability to expand the impact of its own aircraft fifth generation.

South American military announced the intention to increment budget developments in hypersonic weapons by 150% — from $ 6.2 million today to 15.4 million in 2013. In addition, rockets, flying 5 times faster sound plan to equip stealth fighter fifth generation F-22 and F-35. This will allow rapidly destroy any air defense system and impunity strike against targets protected by strong layered defense system. Increasing the budget is focused on accelerating the development of first samples missiles applicable for combat deployment.

Hypersonic weapon on

Unlike strategic hypersonic weapons, for example, HTV-2, tactical missiles, such as X-51, probably will be widely used even in local conflicts

Currently, most small-sized hypersonic ammunition is an 8-foot model rocket X-51 Waverider, which starts with the B-52 bomber. For fighters have to create more small rocket that is very complex, because to accelerate to high speeds requires a powerful rocket engine and perfect compact ramjet engine.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the study of hypersonic weapons that the U.S. plans to graduate in 2015, are particularly severe threat to Russia.

Hypersonic missiles significantly disrupt the existing parity in the field everyday and even strategic arms. With fast missile destroyers will be able to apply subtle sudden preemptive strike, which will open the way for a «traditional» means of attack, such as bombers or cruise missiles.

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