I received a university diploma — and went to the market to sell bags …

Mrs."Yes, no one anywhere can do after school and can not even learn without tutors — that such education."

Mrs."Most young teachers run away from school because they have no respect for the teacher. The salary level is not sufficient for today's living. The number of hours for teaching a foreign language, but all the same children will be out of school and do not know a foreign language will be — a system like that. In our society, there is no respect for knowledge, with an educated person is often ridiculed, as if he was another star has fallen. We need to raise the prestige of education, to be something elite, and not what a degree at the university and went to the market to sell bags. "

Mr."I think that more or less level holds in specialized secondary schools and regular schools simply lent to chance."

Girl"I believe that the level of education is very different in rural areas from urban schools. In my village school, it often happened that a mathematics teacher could replace geographer, or someone else. And then when you receive need tutors, parents' money and more … . "

Girl"I would say that not all teachers are given to their work, as it should be. For some, it's just come to class and go … . "

Mrs."The fact is that teachers have lower salaries and have nothing to expect them to return …".

Mrs."Teachers do not know how to interest children today. The material base of schools have already pulled under it, so you can get an education, but the teachers … to stand still. "


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