Identified 10 important military deals, Russia in 2010

Named the ten most important military deals in Russia in 2010The contract for the development of conceptual and technical project Indian version of the fighter's fifth-generation T-50 (PAK FA) — FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft) — is a more fundamental bargain of in the military in 2010. This is stated in a more fundamental rating of 10 Russian treaties and agreements in 2010, compiled by the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument. The agreement was signed on December 21 2010 during the visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to India.

Under the terms of the contract with the Indian side, the design FGFA will take 18 months. The deal amounted to 295 million dollars. It is expected that the development of FGFA will need 8-10 years, and the total amount of funding applets will be, according to various estimates, between eight and 12 billion dollars. For earlier first flight of Indian aircraft is scheduled for 2015 year. Presumably, about a quarter of systems for the FGFA will be created by the Indian side. Indian Air Force wants to buy 250 FGFA for a total of 25 billion dollars.

Second place in the ranking took TSAMTO agreement with India to develop a joint venture that will develop a multi-role transport aircraft MTA medium-duty trucks. 50 percent stake in the new joint venture has received the Indian company Hindustan Aeronaustics, 25 percent — the KLA and the same proportion — "Rosoboronexport". The total project cost is estimated at 600.7 million dollars: by 300.35 million dollars will be invested Our homeland and India. First flight is scheduled for 2017 transporter year. Create MTA is located and in Russia, and India.

On the 3rd place ranking was the decision on the allocation of export credit in Venezuela $ 4 billion dollars. These funds izderzhat country will be able to buy weapons and military equipment of Russian manufacture. The loan agreement was reached in October 2010 during the visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Russia. What specifically Venezuela wants to buy a gun on the acquired funds is not clear yet. It was reported earlier that the country wants to buy 92 T-72 tanks and a certain number of multiple rocket launchers "Smerch".

Among other fundamental treaties and agreements of the Russian Federation TSAMTO calls deal with Libya to supply arms to the amount of 1.3 billion euros, contract with India for the supply of deck-based fighters MiG-29K worth of 1.5 billion dollars, the sale of Su-30MK2 fighters to Vietnam billion bucks contract with Algeria to supply Su-30MKA to billions of dollars, refreshed agreement on the modernization of the aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" for the Indian Navy, as the decision on the allocation of the Sri Lanka Export Credit in the amount of 300 million dollars for the purchase of Russian weapons and military equipment.

Closes rating TSAMTO contract with Peru for the supply of transport helicopters Mi-171SH and Mi-35P attack. The agreement for the supply of military equipment was signed July 22, 2010. Under the deal, Peru should get 6 Mi-171SH and two Mi-35P for a total amount of 108 million dollars. As expected, the supply of military equipment to begin before the end of 2010 year and will end in 2011.

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