In Barnaul whole street may fall into the abyss

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Homes and commercial warehouses on the brink. And so they are on the edge of the ravine, and then rains caused landslides, and even sewer blockages.

Report correspondent of Channel Maxim Guodong.

The inhabitants of this street every Barnaul rain greeted warily. Until recently, their homes were near the ravine, now stand on the edge. Summer rains caused extensive landslides.

In the unfortunate ravine beyond huge sewer pipe, which manages almost all the storm sewers of the city. According to the designers the water should go into the river, but time takes its toll, communications deteriorated — waste water wash away the soil.

Suffer from the vagaries of nature and neglect communal and entrepreneurs. On the edge of the cliff are several production bases, hangars now literally on the brink.

The walls of the ravine quickly reinforce builders — spiked with soil mixed with broken bricks, but the good of it is not much. To eliminate the risk of landslides following must remove the cause, not the effect. That is, to repair storm sewers.

Local residents do not believe the promises of officials. In the past year they have already reported the readiness of the project planned to begin repairs and work to strengthen the walls of the ravine in winter. Much water has passed under the bridge, and the old situation.

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