In Blagoveshchensk arrived stray while hunting owl

In Blagoveshchensk on the morning of Tuesday, January 26, saw the owl, said "Amur.Info." The appearance of the bird in the journalists said a resident of No. 75 by the Proletarian street when she saw the owl out of the window.

"I heard the chattering magpies. Such a terrible uproar, I left the bedroom to look. Looking out the window — the owl sits. A magpies and sparrows around an organized mess," — said a resident of Blagoveshchensk.

According to experts, the owl was in accident — probably she was lost in the night hunting. It is expected that the bird would sit on the tree on the Proletarian into the evening, until it is time to hunt again. As noted portal, after sunset owl must find his way home without difficulty.

The case of the owl in Blagoveshchensk was not the first in recent days. Thus, reports of wild owls caught near the homes of people come from all over the country. Morning of January 25 owl noticed Vokzalnaya street residents in Nizhnekamsk, a day earlier in Kostroma center with animal owl brought that broke the wing.

Experts believe that the owls fly to cities in search of food. In the forests and the fields it is difficult to hunt — because of changes in temperature on the snow formed a crust. Experts called on Russians to help owls, feeding them to the extent possible.

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