In Crimea, the old cemetery was washed into the sea — dead in the water swimming

In the village of Spa old cemetery because of severe landslides half went to sea

Landslides continue for several years, will soon leave the cemetery entirely in the water, and no one to not care. According to local residents, a couple of years ago, they saw the remains of graves, washed out to sea, swimming in the water.

Told the chief specialist of the State of the Azov-Black Sea Ecological Inspection Oleg Kuznetsov, in the last 2000 years, the level of water in the sea rose by six meters. "Stop this process is impossible. Regarding the cemetery, the locals may have requested to move it to another place," — he said.

According to Acting Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Vitaly Postrigan Kerch, the villagers must apply in writing Resort in landslide control, which is located in Yalta, with the requirement to produce work that pause landslide. If the work is not on the application will be held, citizens can contact the prosecutor's office.

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