In Finland, the mushrooms grow and the birds fly south


21.12.11.S warm December weather was unlucky skiers, but it may please fans of bird watching. Many birds Finland postponed their flight south to the lower temperatures, writes Yle

In Finland, now you can see 160 species of birds, some of which had never been seen in this season.

Waterfowl have not yet flown to warmer climes, as the lake is not covered with ice.

Also, thanks for the warm December weather in Finland is still possible to find mushrooms. Mild and rainy December brought a new crop of mushrooms. Edible mushrooms, including chanterelles, can still be found in the region of Uusimaa.

After the rains of the last two weeks of the best mushroom harvest can be found on the slopes of the hills, covered with moss. In the valley for mushrooms too wet.


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