In five provinces of Ecuador entered emergency mode

The Government of Ecuador has declared a state of emergency due to a natural disaster in five coastal provinces worst affected by the rains and floods: Manabi, Los Rios, Guayas, El Oro and Loja. President Rafael Correa has ordered the Ministry of Finance to allocate the necessary funds to ensure the provision of all the necessary people in the affected provinces.

Most of this winter hit Manabi province, where most of the problems detected, especially in the cantons Portovieho, Chone, Hupihapa, Santa Ana, Tosagua, Manta. In Portovieho, for example, some of the streets filled with mud flowing down from the surrounding hills. This leads to the fact that the roads bear more serious damage, the movement between communities difficult, added to that permanent flooding of cities and towns, especially in the lowlands.

Miguel Camino, provincial coordinator of the National Secretariat of Risk Management (SNGR), assured that before the situation worsened in the canton Portovieho, residents who live on the banks of the same river, was proposed evacuation. He argues that the alert system works, thanks to this it was known in advance about the lead in the canton.

Rain last weekend damaged highway Flavio Alfaro-Chong, in several places there were landslides, one of which is completely asleep highway. There are at least four landslide before reaching Canton Chone. The only excavator works on clearing the way and managed to dig a rut by the traffic, the police maintains control by passing cars alternately from both sides. Near the village Kamarones on almost new highway was another serious fault (crack), similar to the one that was registered at the city Flavio Alfaro two weeks ago. None of the injuries is not the roadway began to repair, despite the fact that road construction companies are required, according to the multi-million dollar contracts to provide road maintenance for five years from the date of commissioning.

In the canton of Santa Ana, landslides and floods triggered drop houses, closing the ways that lead to remote communities. In the cantons Hupihapa, Manta Tosagua situation is the same heavy, but with a greater number of people, temporary shelters in various places. 90% of the Canton Chone meet dawn Tuesday completely flooded.

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