In Germany, hailing the size of a hens egg

In many parts of Germany a big storm swept. In Hesse Trubenhauzene fall from the sky huge hailstones.

On Sunday night, heavy rain, hail and squalls brought considerable damage to many of Germany, especially Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. Landslides have blocked highways and tornado damaged many homes. According to police, was injured several people.

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In Germany, according to a police spokesperson, because of mudslides was completely perkryta A14 highway in northern Gaul Plotzkau north of Galle. Several vehicles were captured by the water and mud.

In Germany, hailing the size of a hen's egg

The fire brigade rescued 5 people with inflatable boats. To escape, they climbed to the roof of their cars. One person was slightly injured by broken glass. Hail the size of a hen's egg smashed windows of several cars. Rescuers had to use snow plows to remove the mass of mud. Until Monday morning, and managed to clear the way to move off in both directions.

In Thuringia, a landslide hit highway 38. Roadway segment length of 600 meters and the land was covered with boulders.

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