In Glacier found a hot spring

As it turned out, the Himalayan glacier Siachen hides under a real geothermal spring. The temperature in spring in forty-degree frost can reach +15 ° C.

Discovery is very important for the region because it can change the position of agriculture in the mountains for the better. The warm water will help to establish growing vegetables in greenhouses, which do not require additional heating and purchases of expensive fuel will be used for personal hygiene.

Searches were carried out to Indian military, which had to meet the demand for water, melting the ice of a frozen river Siachen. The coordinator of the hunt group has already hit the Guinness Book of Records for having found water on the exceptional height in the Indian region of Ladakh. When working in the vicinity of the Siachen first well was drilled in the ice. Only a few months later in October 2011, it was discovered the approximate location of the source. Then at the end of April 2012 the geothermal source was fully prepared for use and discovery disclosed.

Let the open source water is not as warm as it usually happens in other geothermal sites around the world, but it does not freeze during the day at any time of the year, which is vital, if we find a long period of time at an altitude of 6000 meters.

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