In Guatemala, the rains have killed 14 people

Fourteen people were killed in heavy rains that hit the Pacific coastal areas of the Central American countries of Guatemala

This information was confirmed on Wednesday at a local radio station broadcast Sonora Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom.
"I have to express my condolences for the death of these people," — said Colom.

Heavy rains caused landslides and flooding in the country, with the result that some people could not get out of their homes and killed. Four more people were killed by a current in the destruction of power grids and substations.

Now in Guatemala declared a red alert level in the natural disaster. According to the local emergency services, the negative effects of rainfall will affect the lives of most of the 22 departments of Guatemala.

In last September due to overflow the banks of several rivers in Guatemala, killing 32 people. And in 2010, during the period of heavy rain disaster victims were at least 270 people, with the period from May to November.

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