In Italy stirred supervolcano — Earth prepares for a giant explosion!

Earth prepares for a gigantic explosion. On the Phlegraean fields of Italy, which is near Naples, revived the ancient giant volcano. Seismologists worry not only an increase in soil temperature in the area, but also a noticeable deformation of the surface
In the past, active supervolcanoes impact on climate change and completely transform our planet. Consequences of a possible awakening of the volcano today, scientists do not even taken predict.


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Recently Phlegraean fields rise above sea level an inch a month. Microearthquakes and the accumulation of gases in the soil suggest that the volcano is preparing to erupt. Says Associate Professor of Geological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, Vladimir Kiryanov:

"If lifting is stable, then, most likely, is filling the magma chamber, and because of this inflated soil above it. In general, the Phlegraean fields — this supervolcano. Yellowstone in the USA, Toba in Indonesia — as supervolcanoes that erupted more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of magma. This is a catastrophic eruption. In the area of Phlegraean fields are very strong eruption occurred about 30-40 thousand years ago. Its volcanic ash still found in the Mediterranean, Bulgaria, Ukraine, even in Russia. Now there is another injection of the magma chamber, and at some point eruption could happen. "

Volcanic eruptions such power could lead to a so-called volcanic winter. Sulfur gases and ash explosion reached the atmosphere and will lay the globe. The sun's rays can not get through the thick cover to the ground, and the gases and turned into sulfuric acid, come down on the planet's surface in the form of toxic rain. Scientists say that the Earth has already experienced such a catastrophe 74,000 years ago in the explosion of the Toba volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. This has led to a change in climate and numerous casualties. Everything will be a lot worse — just remember to which the collapse has quite a weak perturbation of the volcano in Iceland in 2010.

However, the eruption of supervolcanoes occur so infrequently that scientists can not say how much time must elapse from the first signs of activity before the explosion. For example, the Phlegraean fields in the 70's of last century, the land for three years, rose by half a meter, which is why many homes cracks. But then the motion of the surface has weakened considerably. Still, filling the magma chamber — not the most accurate indicator, said head of the laboratory of the Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Physics of the Earth Alex Sobisevich:

"This is a harbinger of a rather long-term. For decades, it can be filled, and probably hundreds of years. This problem is irrelevant. Many mountains are growing at 5 centimeters per year. This is a natural process on earth. "
According to the expert, it is much more interesting and important natural phenomenon is now in Russia on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Tolbachik volcano — it happens every day and the outpouring of lava and rising surface.

According to scientists, the entire volcanic system of the Earth is now in a state of extreme tension. Underground ducts filled with hot magma, which breaks out. Turn it supervolcano eruption or simultaneously activates a chain of small volcanoes — all this will have significant consequences for the inhabitants of the earth.

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