In Jurg again thundering explosions


7.07.12.Utilizatsiya shells resumed in Yurga. City residents complain about the roar of explosions, which heard from the military range. A number of houses from the detonation crumbling plaster.

"I sit now on the roof, I cut out of galvanized pipe under the edging on steel sheet, not bothering anyone, suddenly" bam "," bam! "Just did not fall off the roof, so rocked! He looked in the direction of the landfill — the white "mushrooms"! Yes, when did it end, then? Huh? "- Wrote a resident Jurga in one of the city's sites." I'm from the explosions plaster from the ceiling joints spilled ", — said one of the cities.

In March this year, after the city flooded with anger and yurgintsev backed governor, shells were disposed bezdetonatsionnym method using the device "Destroyer." But the military seems to have returned to the old practice. 2, 3 and 4 July, Jürg collapsed shock and rumble of explosions. On Thursday, there was silence, but on Friday at noon explosions repeated.

"Shells and utilize the application installation" The Destroyer ", and in the usual way, that is, lay and blow, — said Head of the city administration of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Vladimir Mahtaev. — We were promised that the disposal without the "Destroyer" will blow 80-90 pounds. It a bit. Argue that this norm is not satisfied, I can not officially, we do not see that this is true or not. These days, the density of air in Jurga extremely high. The city is literally covered with dense cloud forest fires raging in the forest of the Tomsk region in the vast territory. Perhaps the reason that the city once again feel the shock waves and hear the sound of explosions, in this, too, in the density of the air. "

Itself could not, come from the burning forests in the Tomsk region, even without the rumble of explosions had a negative impact on the lives of yurgintsev. First of all, their well-being. Doctors said that the number of calls has increased dramatically, "ambulance". At certain times it is not no free cars "first aid".

Raisa Danilova

Source: Newspaper Kemerovo

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