In Kamchatka, are exercises of naval aviation

In Kamchatka, are exercises of naval aviationNaval Aviation is conducting exercises in Kamchatka. Young pilots make the first night flights with opytneyshemi instructor pilot and helicopter pilots preparing to march in the Gulf of Aden, where they will fight the pirates. The Marines also solves the puzzles — an elite unit produces skydiving.

For pilots control tower is not only the "head", and "eyes." Hence manages all flight aircraft. Managers determined the sequence of landing aircraft and helicopters, as they provide information about weather, wind speed and direction.

MiG-31 is the foundation of king single mixed regiment. Aircraft Fighter Squadron aircraft capable of speeds, which is almost three times the speed of sound and do combat problems on ultra low or at a height of 20 thousand feet. The cabin is Sergei Koderle, deputy squadron commander. As the young pilots, he passes the stages battle training.

"Today, the flight crews of the flight change studied conducting aerial reconnaissance carried out visual surveillance in the waters of the ocean. In addition, young pilots began to fly at night ", — he said.

In the puzzles air base includes not only flying fighters, and fighting training other units. Ready for takeoff helicopters Ka-27. Their main task is now flying over these areas, and weather reconnaissance.

"Helicopter Squadron produced departures for the training of pilots for a business trip in the Gulf of Aden. Came to us and the young pilots to recover the 7062nd Air Base ", — says Alexander Konestyapin, commander of the air base group of forces in the North-East.

The increased attention paid to the training of paratroopers. Fighters Airborne Reconnaissance Battalion Company sea Corps initially prepared in the earth equipment is checked and, most importantly, the parachutes. AN-26 after the airdrop continues to climb. Right behind military civilians begin jumping. Training takes place team in parachuting Pacific Fleet, they make long jump with a 3 thousand meters. In 2012, a joint military training Navy and Air Force will be conducted frequently.

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