In Kamchatka, in bad weather lasts training of pilots

In Kamchatka, in bad weather continued training of pilots

In Kamchatka, without looking at the steady bad weather lasts rich training Pilots Fighter Squadron Guards air force base third of the Air Force and air defense (AD) of the Eastern Military Area.

During the flight the pilots practiced piloting technique and conventional complex aerobatics, combat maneuver elements, also lasts training young pilots to combat duty. In the conditions of bad visibility and low cloud cover, the young officers work out items such as take-off and landing aircraft, and flying in the clouds at different altitudes.

Summing up the flight Guard Lt. Col. Alexander Gorin said that "… the assessment of flight software changes were not reduced, flying structure Table scheduled flights performed by 100% with a good and decent value. "

According to him, in recent years has increased the intensity of flying 3-4 times weekly flight will be several shifts.

Significantly rejuvenated aircrew, Now the average age of the pilot is 30 years, the level of training of Prof. flight and qualification category increased by the order.

On the days of the Kamchatka Squadron pilots took part in bilateral military doctrine of the Eastern neighborhood, which, apart from fighter jets were involved bomber and ground attack aircraft, air defense units of the compound aerospace defense.

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