In Kharkiv, is the industrial catching sparrows, who are now looking for salvation in the local zoo

Million population of Kharkov noticed that with the advent of spring steel mass disappearing sparrows, which up to this time abundantly filled streets and rooftops. Not gone unnoticed by the event and Ukrainian ornithologists ornithologists have long started to notice the absence of the front of a specially made bird feeders, placed in parks and squares.

Zoo director Grigoriev said that the origins of this situation is the problem of overcrowding in the city. More people — less space for birds. Little interest in itself a big city is not for the birds, but that's architectural buildings, empty cartons and boxes clearly necessary for the birds, because only in such places they can live and build their nests.

Employees of the city zoo also concerned with the situation, they predict a time when little sparrows soon suffer the same fate of pink flamingos. And they will have to live in a special reserved seats. It will be necessary to maintain the population. Prudent employees in the collection of the Museum of Nature has been placed one flock. However, while this section of the museum is not very popular.

The city does not stop senseless felling green spaces that are vital to birds needed. Be cutting even the trees on which the birds nest and settled. Trees with hollows is no exception, and this despite the fact that self-hollow hollow can only woodpecker, other species should have finished hollow. And the young trees down a chance to feed and find shelter.

It is also not excluded damage from another threat — predators. Biologist G. Perfilova stated that in recent years can be more often seen flying at night to hunt eared Owls and owls. A day increased attacks hawks small birds such as sparrows and pigeons.

Even the security services to address the issue. They were open channels and means of delivery of birds in the coming Asian countries, where the sparrows are considered a great delicacy, such as lizards and cockroaches. The cost of the average sparrow carcasses of about U.S. $ 3. Intelligence agencies to investigate after application to the ornithologists. And they were very surprised when they realized that there was a real supply chain 'specific goods'. Several people have been detained and are questioning them regarding the matter. Investigates customer names and place of purchase.

According to ornithologists in the last 400 years, lost more than 100 species of birds. And in many countries began passing laws that provide additional protection for the birds. While in town, and rallies in defense of the birds, the local authorities have done nothing. Although most likely will take in the near future.

Of course, most of all the above reasons are not true. While no one can argue this with certainty, and all in our unstable time does not inspire confidence. Well, maybe with the exception of female beauty services, which reached almost perfection. For example, the electrolysis is carried out at the highest level. With that few can argue. For at least the past decade, it has improved greatly. One can only hope that in the next decade, the poor birds did not die out completely.

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