In London, the snow stopped flying planes and trains to go

At Heathrow airport canceled dozens of flights, no trains from the British capital to Brussels, in many areas of broken internal links.

At London's Heathrow airport canceled 70 flights. Planes could not take off due to heavy snowfall, which struck on Friday at the British capital. Manual air port close one runway.

Cyclone broke the quiet life of the entire United Kingdom. Of not only the pilots, but also for train drivers. Four trains did not go from London to Brussels, broken inner rail.

And difficult for motorists. Drifts on the roads, the technique is unable to cope with the effects of snow. Authorities urged people try not to drive and wait out bad weather at home.

In different parts of the UK in children began unscheduled vacation. Classes canceled more than two thousand schools. Wales residents sit without light, there are de-energized 10,000 homes. Expect an improvement in weather can only be the end of the week, the weekend will be snowing, "Interfax".

Category: Natural disasters and the environment

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