In Luhansk river became red

The water became red because it flow into the groundwater from a closed mine.  Photo:

Indicators of iron in river water exceed the norm by 44 times
In the village of Krasny Kut (Antratsit district, Luhansk region) Miusik red river — a tributary of the River Mius, which flows into the reservoir Janowski. The press secretary of the Company "Luganskvoda" Vladimir Chernyshev.

According to him, Janowski Reservoir is one of the largest reserves of fresh water, providing clean drinking water after the town of Red Ray and nearby towns.

"Local residents appealed to the Department of Krasny" Luganskvoda "to see that the river has turned blue. Our laboratory has conducted a number of studies showing that rates of iron in river water exceeded the norm by 44 times for manganese several times, "- said the Sandpiper.

He noted that the treatment plant "Luganskvoda" while coping with the water and clean it up to the indices guests, but construction work is going to wear.

"Constantly clogged sand filters, they must be cleaned or replaced. For a company that is costly and inconvenient. While the equipment is out of order, is cleaned, the threat to the health and lives of people there, "- says Sandpiper.

Chapter Antratsitovskogo region Gennady Golovenko said that the river water became red, and increased rates of iron and manganese from the fact that the mine water flows into it.

"Near the river is long closed mines. Strong likelihood that its groundwater enter the river, so the water is a high acidity and unnatural color. We consulted with environmentalists generally want to block the path of the river to the reservoir, but experts are convinced not to do so, because the river will still find a different direction and do not know where and where it will flow, "- said Golovenko.

"There on the bank of the river and the grass grows, if the water was so dangerous, would all die out. Therefore, no funds to address this issue, we did not put "- said Golovenko.

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