In Lukhovitsy presented the new MiG-35

In Lukhovitsy presented the new MiG-35
In June 2013 Russian company «MiG» must sign a contract with the Ministry of Defence to supply new features of the MiG-35. For three years scheduled for release almost 30 such aircraft. New company is ready to fight funny day and NIGHT MODE immediately hunt down up to 30 targets and 6 storm of them. Recently the MiG-35 is presented in Lukhovitsy near Moscow.
New multi-purpose fighter, the MiG-35 was taxiing to the runway. Small run, luxury takeoff and descent for a small climb — «loop», «barrel», aerobatics. Behind the wheel — CEO of «MiG» Sergey Korotkov, second pilot — test pilot Mikhail Belyaev first class. This flight is not just a show — a presentation of the combat vehicle, which will soon go into service of the Air Force. After landing, the report: «All right, comments on the work of the real part no.»
«How many aircraft flying as pilot flying — he always improve yourself and the car. Because now we have shown the MiG-35, which is preparing for the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. Cherish the hope that such an agreement will be signed in June, initially for 24 cars, and later will be even more. I think that the first machine we will deliver this year. Under the agreement, later will have to supply 10 cars. Leave at full power — will deliver more, «- told Sergei Korotkov.
In the final assembly shop one aircraft is ready for operation, three — on the way. Products RAC «MiG» — Modern fighter-interceptors, functional combat aircraft, including the «4 + +», such as the MiG-29K and MiG-29 Cube. Specifically, they are going to strip — modern machines modernized carrier-based single and double modifications as the new MiG-35 has a land-based.
MiG-35 — Universal car overestimated survival in combat. Another advantage is improved avionics systems aiming fifth generation, heavier armament.
Experienced masters responsible for their performance. Master to simulate products Misha Zhitinev explained: «We are working on all systems on board — from simple heating before disposal weapons. From our hands the future of the Navy. The better we perform our work, the more powerful will be our country. «
The company’s CEO, said: «We’re doing a great job of restructuring our industrial capacity to scamper vysokoobrabatyvayuschie machines that allow us to reduce the cost of production units and parts, which asks us to the Ministry of Defence.»
At one time, Marshal Yevgeny Shaposhnikov Russian Union has flown 3000 hours. He started back in the 60s on the MiG-23 and says that fighting vehicles did not fail ever: «A dozen countries in the world operate this aircraft, and in my time their commander was significantly greater and the reviews were very great. Here Hindus, namely, I read: «We only let human factor, the company» MiG » never failed. «
The plans of the Defence Ministry — equipping 2020 Armed Forces with modern weapons by 70 percent. This concerns not only the Air Force, and virtually all arms and services, whether nuclear deterrent force, aerospace defense, communications, intelligence and control, electronic warfare, and many others. Put a puzzle president in May 2012. In RAC «MiG» convinced that her administration.

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