In Mariupol landslides destroy homes

In Mariupol strengthen landslide zone. As the chief of the City Council UKS Valery Shevchenko, currently held landslide events in Maple beam.

"There will be a large volume of work, built livnevki, drains, and other structures," — he said.

For these works from the city budget will be allocated 8 million USD.

As reported in the management of public safety and protection of the population of the city council, to date, in the city there six landslide areas.

In addition to the aforementioned Maple beams, landslides are possible in the beach area of the village of Sandy, on the descent from the City garden, in the village. Naydenovka (Ordzhonikidze district).

The total area of landslide areas in the city is about 206 hectares.

As noted in UKSe, fortifications and conduct other protective measures for landslide zones — is expensive, so the year is determined by the amount of work on specific landslide areas in turn.

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