In Mexico, increased levels of anxiety due to the volcano Popocatepetl

Mexican authorities announced on Tuesday, the yellow, the penultimate level of anxiety for communities located near the Popocatepetl volcano intensified in the states of Mexico and Puebla, according to the national center for the prevention of natural disasters.

Active Popocatepetl, located about 55 kilometers south-east of Mexico City, has shown a few days ago, and covered with ashes around villages. The authorities announced the closure of the 12-kilometer zone around the volcano, and urged residents to be cautious. However, the red, the highest level of risk has not been announced, although the government of Puebla prepared shelters for the population in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Local residents say that the volcano is constantly rumbling, sometimes felt tremors. However, they themselves have long been accustomed to a dangerous neighborhood, trying to ignore the signs of volcanic activity, and do not wish to leave their homes.

The authorities are monitoring the situation on the volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and regularly causes panic among experts and locals.

Popocatepetl, whose name translates from the language of the Aztecs as "smoking mountain" rises above the sea level by 5 thousand 452 kilometers, it has already become the same symbol of Mexico, like tequila or eagle sitting on a cactus with a snake in its talons


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