In Moscow, accumulated Belarusian and Russian opposition

In the capital of Russia held a one-day conference "Belarus — Russia: the end of Union, the beginning of a pragmatic partnership?"

It was organized by the Russian party "Right Cause" movement "Russia's Choice", the United Civil Party of Belarus, and the Scientific Research Mises Center in Minsk.

Russian opposition politician Vladimir Ryzhkov called the forum a form of "civil dialogue" as to still bilateral relations were mainly involved in the power structure.

"The crisis in bilateral relations between Minsk and Moscow, became the basis of the information war, according to a new review the Belarusian-Russian relations — talking about this forum participants on both sides. They point out that the old Union died, and the need to build bilateral relations on a new, pragmatic basis. But are the driving wheels to that of Russia and Belarus, is unknown. At this point there are serious doubts about the as mentioned byand the Belarusian and Russian speakers at the forum, "- said one of the participants, political analyst Ming Valery Karbalevich, which delivers a report on "Foreign Policy of Belarus in search of international support."

The first such conference was held a year ago in Minsk, then on it was more than 100 participants, a lot of press. Now less interest in the forum, were about 50 participants. In the list of invitees are designated representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Belarusian diplomat. But they did not speak publicly.


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