In northern Spain over fires

Fig. Firefighter creeping closer to the fire. Kastrelo-to-Val, north-west Spain. 27/03/2012.

In the Spanish region of Cantabria by prolonged drought there were 15 outbreaks of fire. To extinguish the fire took so many more than 500 firefighters and eight fire planes and helicopters. The most extensive flames raged around the city Corrales de Buena.

Just to the north of Spain for the last week of more than 150 fires of various sizes. They destroyed a large area of useful land (over 650 acres). When extinguishing one of the fires in Galicia lawyer killed fire brigade.

According to the meteorological services, the forecast for the next few days for the north of the country quite disappointing: dry weather with high temperatures and constantly changing wind direction saved. This suggests that the battle with the Spanish one of the driest in the past 70 years, winter will last indefinitely.


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