In Northern Thailand are expected frosts

Northern Thailand in the coming days under attack the high pressure coming from China, the expected sharp drop in temperature to below zero on the mountain tops, according to weather service in Thailand.

At the top of the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai province is sub-zero temperatures and snow can form a cap, and on the slopes of the night temperature is last Saturday dropped to 6.9 degrees Celsius, and continues to fall, the document says.

Meteorologists believe that in most of the provinces of the north in the next few days is established cold weather with temperatures below 18-20 degrees, and in some regions, daytime temperatures will drop to 16 and even up to 6 degrees.

In Thailand, where daytime temperatures rarely drop below 25 degrees, cooling to 16 degrees can cause a massive deterioration in the health of the local population. In the winter "cold" last year, when the temperature dropped to 12 degrees, the National Park Khao Yai in the northeast of the country two people died of hypothermia.

At the end of last week in the far south of Thailand seasonal rains caused flooding and landslides in the two provinces, but no northern "cold" or flooding in the south are not dangerous for the tourist areas of Thailand, said weather service.

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