In Riga park blooming daisies


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26.12.11.Pohozhe that the department celestial office in charge of the weather in Latvia, has gone on leave — such "non-winter" in December in the country have not been.

In Riga, anyone can verify the strangeness of this winter — in the park in the city canal Monday blooming daisies. It is not surprising, December 26 in Riga and in many other parts of the country were broken temperature records. In the capital, the temperature rose to 9.2 degrees Celsius, which is as much as 3 degrees higher than the previous record set in 1971, and in Mersrags — up to 9.9 degrees.

Contributed to the achievement of the warm air mass, which was overtaken by the south-west wind. He also became the cause of headache domestic power. In the night from 25 to 26 December and the country swept the next storm with wind gusts up to 25 meters per second. As a result, no light at night were 30 000 people for dinner on Monday, the number fell to 20,000. The most massive power occurred in Tukums, Talsi, Madonna, Balvi Smiltene, Valka. Rescuers received a dozen calls — in Vidzeme and Latgale, they had to clean up the fallen trees on the road.

In turn, in the night from 23 to 24 December in some places in Latvia, including Riga were freezing rain. As a result, on Saturday morning at temperatures around freezing on Latvian roads formed a strong ice. This led to numerous accidents. In addition to all their other injured three baby.

Today and tomorrow, drivers and pedestrians also need to be very careful. Will cause strong winds, gusting up to 27 meters per second. Storm begins at night and can last until lunch. This may be even warmer — up to 10 degrees Celsius. In many places the rains.

All of the ensuing week will be spring and only to the New Year cold weather forecasters promise to minus 6 degrees. According to their forecast in Latvia, finally, the snow falls. However, drifts they expected and at Christmas, but it turned out quite the opposite.


From the time factor:

Yesterday from Latvia editor of Citada Pasaule sent photos to compare for December 2010 which shows that there is snow and December 2011 where the grass is green, the difference in the weather and there is definitely a climate anomaly is not surprising that the flowers bloom, remember that people in Finland to date far more mushrooms collected.

Snowy winter in Latvia in December 2010. Photo: Citada Pasaule.som


In December of 2011 in Latvia. Photo: Citada Pasaule.som


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