In Russia Development of the newest ship SAM

By the end of 2012 in Russia over the development of new anti-ship missile system «Polymer redoubt.»

SAM is the developer of the complex defense Concern «Almaz-Antey» (Group CEO Vladislav Menshikov). A major new development is the Russian engineers ground complex defense «Hero». In these 2-anti-aircraft missile complexes used monotonous type of missile — 9M96. The complex is designed in the interests of the Navy Russian Federation.

The complex «Polymer-redoubt» is in step preparatory tests, but for the final closure of test firings they must spend specifically on the carrier at sea, which will be recently prepared and inclusive tests run in the current 2012.

Not counting this new anti-missile system «Almaz-Antey» is developing more of a number of new weapons, as well as conducts active research work, which is also planned to expand.

So, work is underway, which aims to create a new anti-aircraft missile system S-500, which embody a best available, as well as promising solutions. The system S-500 will be applied and new radars and new missiles, which makes it very promising with severe abilities for the upcoming improvement and development.

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