In Scotland the winter again

In Britain, the record high temperature overnight snow gave way to these blockages. For four hours the night in Scotland received more than 18 cm of snow. It is expected that the spring winter will continue its march further south to Wales and the north of England.

Most of the snow fell in the northern highlands, northern snow cover was about 10 cm in thickness.

After the March air temperature 23,6 ° C, in April, along with the snow came to Britain degrees-cold and harsh arctic winds. This weather with temperature differences of 20 degrees can last until Easter. Weather Service has issued a warning about the slow moving cold Arctic atmospheric front.

Children hiding from the cold in a red phone booth. Bremar, Scotland.

Of course, the cold weather system for the Scottish spring is more familiar than the 20-degree heat. But an unexpected cold snap has caused problems in the transport system and the chaos on the roads. Night April 3 snow removal has been involved 124 units of special equipment. Report the accident, four victims are in the hospital.

At the accident site, where seven vehicles collided, the ambulance arrived. Scotts, the center of Scotland.

Despite the expected cooling in Yorkshire, the Humber and the east of Central England, London and the neighborhood will remain in the zone of high temperature (about 13 ° C on April 3 and 8 ° C, 4 April).

On the road near Harthilla drivers struggling with difficult weather conditions.

But snow in parts of Scotland and England come rain, the cold will be felt even more by the wind to rise. By the end of the week the weather got better.

Due to the poor condition of roads Spittal-of-Glenshee was closed.


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