In service with the Russian Navy will be brand new submarine

Russian Navy will have a new submarine

In the words one a senior member of the Head of Staff of the Russian Navy, Russian experts at now developing a fundamentally newest model Underwater boat, which will be established to conduct combat operations in coastal areas.

The admiral said he was going to develop very latest Underwater Boats for combat operations in coastal areas. Fundamentally unlike previous models is that the boat will be installed closed-cycle power plant. The main difference between this set of engines previously used open circuit is that the closed circuit in the engine generating the exhaust gas from the turbine is released into the environment, and is directed into the combustion chamber, which ultimately leads to an increase in traction and an increase in motor efficiency .

According disk imaging 1st military sources, submarines, which told the admiral did not manage to come to the surface in a few weeks. According to the management plans of the Russian Navy, they need to change the existing one hundred percent and promising diesel-electric and diesel-powered submarines. According to the type of fuel used energy installation submarines are divided into nuclear and non-nuclear.

In his own statement of Commander of the Russian Navy spokesman also revealed the secret of the future ballistic missile "Bulava". He pointed out that rocket will be adopted by the Navy of the Russian Federation only after a single and salvo firing of staff support is installed on the strategic nuclear submarine (NPS) "Yury Dolgoruky". In 2011, the "Bulava" will be more responsible and difficult step test. Of the 14 previously made ballistic missiles until there was not the 1st, calculated on the highest range. At the end of October 2010 was made last successful launch. The subsequent test launch is scheduled for early summer 2011.

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