In Sochi landslide

Krasnodar region prepares for the onslaught of the elements. According to forecasts of MOE, heavy rains expected sharp rise in the levels of the rivers on the Black Sea coast and in the southern region. Their results could be flooding of farmland, and landslides.

In Sochi, by the way, a landslide has occurred. Today, about 7 in the morning with tons of rocks and dirt road was blocked by the host.

Apparently, gathering soil provoked showers, that some days were in the area. Landslide poured trees, so the workers had to saw them first, and only then proceed to an analysis of the debris. All the while, the public transport were sent through the next Kudepsta. Road construction work was complicated by the fact that the land on which the landslide is very narrow, so that the right to use a lot of equipment failed.

"We are 5 units. Technically, we are here to put more can not. Narrow roadway — they will interfere with each other. About 3 hours is export. Procedure 12" KamAZ "taken away" — said the first deputy mayor of Sochi Khosta district Timur Einat.

Now one lane road workers freed to travel and complete analysis of blockages. It will take about another hour.

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