In South Korea, heavy rains pour

30 people were killed or missing in South Korea as a result of the powerful rains that hit the central part of the country on Tuesday and Wednesday. Normal life in the capital and other cities violated a number of major roads washed away, dozens of houses were buried under landslides that occurred as a result of precipitation. Forecasters also warned that in the coming days the rains continue.

"Water Bomb", "rain century" and "unprecedented rainfall" — South Korean media described as the amount of precipitation that fell in the central regions of the country, including Seoul, on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the photo: Damaged cars in a landslide in Seoul.

Particularly strong impact was just on the capital and its suburbs. In the photo: A resident of the South Korean capital is pouring rain.

The authorities are making Herculean efforts to reverse the effects of the disaster, but raised manpower and equipment can not cope. In the photo: Military clean soil after a landslide in a district of Seoul.

Normal life in the city have stopped traffic on many routes, a number of subway lines overlapped in some areas of the affected power supply.

This tragedy occurred in located 85 km to the east of the city of Seoul Chuncheon. There landslides virtually flattened several buildings mountain resort, killing 13 people, of which almost half of the students, and another 24 were injured. Pictured: Spastelnye on-site landslide in the resort town of Chunchon.

Local TV shows videos, where many of the streets of Seoul were completely flooded. In this frame from video July 27, you can see how people near Seoul try to escape from the raging elements, climbing on top of a car.

Meanwhile experts have warned that it is still far from over. Only one metropolitan area "promised" in the next couple of days more than 250 mm of rain.

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