In southern Afghanistan during a NATO airstrike killed kids

In southern Afghanistan during a NATO airstrike killed childrenIn Afghanistan, launched an investigation into the events airstrike forces NATO, which killed seven people, including six children.

Mohammad Sarhadi, the governor of the county of fat-Niyaz, revealed that the bombing had been targeted in the area of the Taliban, which had previously been seen in time Share roadside bombs.

Representative NATO Kabul, in turn, said that the "skirmish" between NATO forces and insurgents took place in Kandahar province. At the same time information about the call reinforcements from the air he could not confirm that.

The fat passes through the strategic concept highway that connects Kandahar and Herat Province. Hamid Karzai, President of the Afghanistan, This forces condemned the airstrike NATO. At the site of the incident under investigation.

In Afghanistan, from January to June, the number of civilians killed in the middle of 1462 amounted to a person, it is more by 15% than in the same period in 2010

On Thursday, November 24 in Farah province (west of the country) as a result of insurgent attacks killed about 10 Afghan employees of private security and as many wounded.

Rebels in the village Fri Bacwa convoy was attacked. According to the initial disk imaging, watchmen transported equipment for the forces NATO on cars, many of which were burned. ITAR-TASS reports, while no group responsible for the attack itself did not take.

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