In the Arctic, discovered methane

Dangerous discovery made by scientists in the Eastern Arctic. The participants of the Russian-American expedition found there are huge deposits of solid methane. The gas passing through the thickness of ocean water into the atmosphere, and, according to experts, can lead to global warming.

"We have opened new fields of methane emissions. Biggest fountain in diameter — more than a kilometer. This is a fantastic size. When reopening one or two percent indicated resources, modern atmospheric methane concentration may increase many times, which can lead to hard to predict," — said Igor Semiletov , head of the Russian-American expedition, Doctor of Geographical Sciences.

Even now, as scientists say, everywhere in the Arctic shows signs of global warming. For example, the recent sharp rise in the number of storm days, and the water temperature is abnormally high for this time of year. Also, slowing the formation of ice.

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