In the Caucasus, Dagestan creates a brand new army

In the Caucasus, a new army of DagestanIn Dagestan, put together a first state battalion. Soon there will be two more. Specifically on their gathered to bet the federal government in the fight against the underground. According to unofficial data, the training "students" are participating specialists from Chechnya.

In the division scored 300 local residents. The total number of battalions should reach 700-800 people. One of them is near Makhachkala, the other will go to the north and south of the country. The compounds will be involved in the hunt for militants. Dagestani attributed to the BB, but in fact they are managed by the head of the Interior Ministry. According to preliminary data, the freshly trained fighters people Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

By the way, in this context, Chechnya great experience. Her work area battalions "North" and "South", made in 2006 on the basis of the disbanded counterterrorism center. PERSONNEL — amnestied members of armed opposition. At the moment they are used in the mountains against former colleagues. In the last 18 months of Kadyrov in the southern regions of Ingushetia and Chechnya held three large-scale advent. Results — zero. Not including them in the region led war battalions "West", Said-Magomed Kakieva and "East" Yamadayev. The ex-militants fundamentally there is not recorded. But at the end of 2007 Kakieva appointed deputy military commissar of the Czech Republic. In 2009 Yamadayev died assassinated in Dubai. And after a while the "West" and "East" eliminated.

In general, in the XIX century, Our homeland intensively used in the Caucasus, "the Mountain militia" — Allied cavalry her clan, villages and tribes. Typically, these hundreds of shelves and mobilized in the event of hiking imperial army and the Cossacks against the aggressive ethnic militias, unions or countries. If a similar scenario is the use of such an irregular cavalry was more. Historian Vladimir Lapin, "The structure of the auxiliary troops were detachments of the Georgians and Ossetians, Azerbaijanis Kabardinians, Chechens, Ingush, all the peoples of Dagestan. During the wars with the Persians and the Turks, even the Kurds were considered subjects of the Sultan or the Shah did not miss ability in the general confusion to settle scores with their enemies, and at the same time show their military prowess and capture the rich booty. " The tradition by Peter I in the 1720s, when a grass-roots building that stood on the shore of the Caspian Sea, are Georgian and Armenian company. Custom lasted until January 1918 — before the dissolution of the native Caucasian Cavalry Corps. (So at the moment, it seems, renaming the police to the police — the question is decided in Dagestan, police recreated in its initial value.)

By the way, the Caucasus in a similar relation is not unique. For example, in 1816 the British Army are the arrow-Nepalese Gurkhas. Now they number 2,500. They fought in the First World in the Middle East and France. During the Second World stir in Italy. In 1982 he landed on the Falklands, which proved to be excellent. In addition, at the moment Gurkhas guarding the South American military base in Bahrain.

Generally, zabugornye history of acquisition and operating divisions of the state is quite large enough. Take, for the United States. Americans, moving to the west — to the Pacific coast, do not turn away from military service Redskins. Of these units forms the Scouts (Scouts-trackers). The researcher Yuri Stukalin: "The battalion of hundreds of Pawnee scouts who served in the U.S. Army from 1864 to 1877 year, played a role in the wars with the Plains tribes aggressive. " In the French army in the XIX-XX centuries, attended a special light infantry — Zouaves. They were recruited from the inhabitants of North Africa and the volunteers of the metropolis. They fought in the Crimean War, the Franco-Prussian First and second global war. In the years 1954-1962 in Algeria for the French acted char shelves and shelves tiralerskie that are linked from the "natives" — Arabs and Berbers. The extensive use of the practice of creation natschastey received in Hitler's Germany — two Grenadier Division of the SS Latvian, Estonian, French, Russian, Belarusian, Italian SS Division Ukrainian Grenadier Division "Galicia", the Hungarian Grenadiers division "Hunyadi" Albanian Waffen Mountain Division, "Skanderberg" and others.

Now housed in Dagestan quite impressive Russian troops — series police, republican OMON special mission forces, mobile group of the federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, the regional office of special purpose FSB border guards, 102-I team BB 136th Motor Rifle Brigade Buynakskie, battalion Marine Botlikhskiy mountain brigade. But the troops apparently not managed. According to official data, in the middle of November, beginning in 2010 in the "land of mountains" killed 104 security men (82 police officers, 12 soldiers of internal troops, 10 employees and one employee of the FSB FSIN). Will they be able to somehow change the situation, three new battalions — the burning question.

In any case, they will be better armed, the police (as will be part BB). Hence there is a plus — do not always have to waste time calling armored vehicles (BTR and BMP). They put it except tanks across the state. You may need to wait more than the highest efficiency in the work battalions due to a combination of weapons and languid "geographic competency" of personnel. After all, the men and officers — local, to understand the characteristics of the native landscape, hidden trails.

Together with the fact this "dagestanizatsiya" in a state of conflict with the federal government to play a cruel joke. If there is custom of blood revenge in the criteria of multi-ethnicity (only the "core" of nations where 18), the country runs the risk of a collapse into chaos. And the most severe damage in the boiling pot will suffer seconded combined detachments of police, "veveshniki", border guards and army. And, of course, not immune natsbaty and their penetration into the ranks of the agents of the underground, which could result in an adverse scenario of the increase in the level of loss, disruption, and even parts of the care of the Mountain to the Mujahideen.

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