In the Leningrad region because of the weather without light 40 thousand people


PETERSBURG, January 12. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Olga Pavlova /. As a result of the passage of the cyclone that caused the wet snow on the wires in the Leningrad region there were rolling blackouts.

As reported by a correspondent. ITAR-TASS EMERCOM of Russia for the Leningrad region, as of today at 10:00 MSK disabled 93 settlements in Kingisepskogo, Volosovsky, the Vyborg district, where a total of 40,103 people.

In the aftermath of the cyclone involved more than 20 rescue and recovery teams of "Lenenergo" — 53 people, 21 pieces of equipment. Approximate time of connection — to the middle of the day today.

According to weather forecasts, adverse weather conditions in the region will continue for the next two days.


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