In the market of military technology grows the demand for fighter jets

At the current time in almost all countries, there is an unstable situation, which deals with peace and tranquility. And it refers to countries such as Israel, the United Arab Emirates and India. Prepyadstviya with the situation in the country urging them hard to buy various weapons. Fighters and fighter jets are more popular in the importing countries. The volume of sales of this type of weapon is about a third of the total export tool in the world. Even the highest value of more than 40 million dollars for fighter does not keep these countries from buying. Naikrupneyshimi countries supplying fighters are our homeland and the U.S.. During the period from 2005 to 2009, the U.S. sold 331 plane, and our homeland — 215 combat vehicles.

Stogkolmsky Institute study problems of the world monitored the condition of the market of military equipment. It became clear that for the 2005 — 2009 года fraction from the sale of fighter jets was approximately 27% of total sales the rest of the weapons in the world. And if we consider that excluding aircraft also exporting the weapons and equipment, such as — live ammunition, missiles, engines, it turns out that the fraction of the volume of sales is more than 33% of all exports.

Military equipment on the market demand for fighter jets

Despite the high price, the fighters are the tools necessary to view. Improved models built with the latest technology, go to the customers for the cost of which exceeds many millions of dollars. It is clear that Thailand had purchased six Swedish JAS-39 aircraft, for which the company paid about 500 million dollars. For the same amount of RF Vietnam bought eight Su-30MKK. Pakistan also laid out 1.5 billion U.S. dollars for the 18 jet fighters F-16C Block-50.
In general the creation and marketing of aircraft over the limit, is quite favorable article in the income of the country. Because after the cost of the ready fighter, there is still enough money that you can bring to the design and development of modern battle aviation. But still the high costs do not allow all countries to engage in the creation and development of the aircraft industry. This can allow yourself to only eight countries, such as our native land, the United States, France, India, China, Japan, Sweden and England. There is a cooperative production of vehicles of military aviation countries, Germany, Italy, Spain and England.

But they were all of these states immutable orders get only our homeland and the U.S.. Others are involved in the creation of the main equipment only for its own army, export orders fighters get very occasionally.
United States for its own military aviation produces as many planes as sent for export, and our homeland still exports 10 times more fighters than equipping its air force. However, it is expected that soon our home will spend more time equipping its own army military equipment.

Despite the fact that India is also engaged in the creation of combat aircraft, but it also is naikrupneyshim buyer fighters: in the period from 2005 to 2009 they have acquired 115 units of this equipment. Israel bought 82 aircraft, and the United Arab Emirates — 108 cars. In general, in the world in less than 5 years old were sold only 995 fighters. The main buyers battle Technology has become a country in which dominates the tense international situation.

Our homeland is implementing a huge number of tools produced, about 50% of its exports are combat aircraft. The greatest demand is for fighters brands like Su-30MK and MiG-29. They are sent to China, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Malaysia and other countries.

It has already been mentioned, that India — the main importer battle art. At the current time between it and Russia signed contracts worth more than 10 billion dollars. Here comes a contract to export 140 units of combat fighters Su-30MK, as the embodiment of a contract for the repair and modernization of aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov". Then there is the transfer of a lease agreement for the Indian Navy nuclear submarine "Nerpa", construction of 3 frigates, and Load heaviest battle equipment in the amount of 1,000 pieces, the modernization of the existing 64 MiG-29 fighters, supply 80 Mi-1B and other smaller contracts.
From the properties of the performance of these duties, depends the size of future transactions. So at the current time, India is holding a contest for the execution of supply 126 combat fighters. In the Russian Federation there is a good chance to win the tender at the ready and export of aircraft. A MiG-39 is fully competitive in order to beat the competition. This order can bring RF additional 10 billion dollars. The tender results will be announced in the near future.

In addition, the recent plan to sign an agreement with India on the same delivery batch of 42 languid Su-30MKI fighters. Amount of the delivery of approximately 2 billion dollars.

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