In the mountainous areas of Chechnya because of the rains occurred landslides

On the territory of Nozhai-Yurt district of Chechnya by spring flooding damaged homes. Heavy rains caused landslides and debris flows, landslides and cracks of walls of houses of local residents.

As the press service of the republic's leadership, several times up the water level in the river Yaryk-Su.

"Wild River is changing in many places on track. Because of this, many people can not get to your home or out of it," — said the press service.

The head of administration Nozhai-Yurt district Hatataev Ahmed said that the administration is taking all necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters.

"Immediately after the landslides on the mountain roads machinery clearing the way for settlements Baytarki, Gilan, Simsir. According to preliminary data, the broken pipeline for about 200 meters long, pulled down the flow of the river bridges between communities overall length of 230 meters long, as well as road and blurred intra road length of about 12 kilometers, "- said the press service.

The most affected village of Gilan. The river carried the bridge, and now more than eighty families are forced to travel to the opposite side through the narrow suspension footbridge.

According to the head of the rural settlement Gilyaninskogo Bacharova Wesa, the entire village came out with shovels to remove the water flows from the village.

"While trying to cope on their own. But, apparently, without the help of the village can not do" — says V.Bacharov.

A.Hatataev assured that the place has already left the team MOE. Rescuers tour the area floods and landslides, to assess the amount of damage. According to the results will be determined by the degree of scale — local, regional, inter-municipal or national importance.

While in a state of emergency to be announced

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