In the Netherlands, a tornado?

A small tornado was captured on video in the Netherlands. Vortex developed on cultivated lands south-east Netherlands, near the German border. Although the video is not clearly visible funnel, you can trace the dark edges of the clouds, confirming that it was not just a dust storm.

Meteorological observations from nearby settlements near the town of Maastricht recorded violent storm during the tornado. Temperature and dew point indicators — key performance indicators in predicting the weather — was relatively low, so the incident event was proposed to classify the cloud sleeve.

Tornadoes not frequent Europe but rarely takes place. In 2011, a tornado was recorded in Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Poland, Germany and Austria.

Cloud sleeves formed from the cool air mass high above the ground. Most often, they are not a threat to man, as the form is too high and do not have the strength. Mixing cool windy conditions in the lower troposphere with air in the intermediate layers, which is varied air flow, can lead to the formation of cloud sleeves. They are visible only at a certain level of humidity.


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