In the next ninety years, our planet to change much

A recent report to the World Bank, which warns of the consequences of global warming. By the beginning of the next century, global temperature could rise by four degrees, which will change it beyond recognition.

According to the World Bank, the increase in temperature will result in a decline in world food supplies, the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, the water level in the oceans. In addition, the report notes that the negative effects of warming will be a big problem for most of the poorest regions of the world, undermining efforts to achieve the global goals of mankind.

In particular, the experts say that in the last three decades, the level of water in the oceans rises faster than before. The main reason is the active melting of the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland. It is noted that there were signs that the greatest increase in activity over the last melting 225 years occurred in the last decade.

As one of the leading experts of the bank by Eric Fernandez, some small island states, most likely, you need to look closely at the possibilities. The need to adapt to climate change, which will accelerate as the number of people on the planet.

In addition, ocean acidification will increase due to the increase in CO2 concentration. If the temperature rises to 2.4 degrees, then begin the death of coral reefs. This is a serious blow to those who exist on tourism and fishing.

Further warming will increase the average summer temperature in the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States for six degrees, which in turn will cause a sharp drop in yields. By 2100, about 44% of arable land affected by drought. Hardest hit in South Africa, the U.S., South and South-East Asia.

As the report says about the serious risks of water shortages in East and North Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. In the area of risk were rivers such as the Nile and the Ganges. According to specialists of the World Bank, the same fate would have to share, and the Amazon.

The head of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, the world will change beyond recognition without fighting with an increase in global warming. Climate change — it's one of the great problems of humanity, is a need for a variety of measures to deal with them in the interests of future generations.

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