In the North Caucasus ends creation mnogoeshelonirovannoy border protection system of the Russian Federation

In the North Caucasus, completing the construction of border protection system mnogoeshelonirovannoy RussiaDirector of the Border Service of the Russian Federation Vladimir Pronichev informed President Vladimir Putin about the work on the arrangement of the state border to the North direction as well as on other issues of the Service.

"The main efforts were focused on the threats of the Russian Federation on the direction of the North and Central Asian direction, why was implemented federal motivated example program for 2003-2011 with an efficiency of 99.5 percent," — reported Pronichev at a meeting with the head of the country. "At the current time is a very important time when we focus our efforts on the far eastern direction in countering the threats of cross-border crime, especially in the field of bio-resources," — he said.

Putin asked how things were going on on the border management the North direction. "At the current time we are on the North towards the main focus our efforts on safety on the distant approaches, it is, first, the South Ossetian direction and Abkhaz direction, "- said head The Border. "In practice, we finished on the direction of the construction of the South Ossetian state border, at the moment is the end of everything in engineering terms," — he added.

"If we talk about the North direction, then we are running in September, construction management, and as we complete this year ennoblement in engineering terms, "- said Pronichev." So Makar will be created mnogoeshelonirovannaya system of border protection on the approaches, on the front edge, "- he said, adding that" in view of admission adopted modern technology, such as aircraft, instruments Night vision, thermal imaging, etc. Border Service also conducts a very great deal of work related to the anticipation. "

Pronichev separately identified the ongoing work in relation Fri badge. "If we compare with the Russian period, it was passed through the checkpoints 2.5 million people a year, and in the past year in and out of Russia arrived and departed 139 million, and we note that the trend of growth, because, of course, is the direction for us at the it is one of the highest priority, "- he explained. "This is from the standpoint of their arrangement on the basis of the creation of the Institute of Technology of opinion — very modern and new, in this area at the moment we are forming for intelligence for the opening of cross-border criminal gangs on the channel, and, of course, this training of our staff," — said the head of the Service.

Pronichev said of the program there is also the acquisition of new ships for the Border. "On the arms are now on the new ships, the twenty-first century, they very excellent work, "- he said." Gradually we expect 25 ships per se generation, by all means have a ", — assured the head of the office of the President." This modern speed boats with a displacement of 40 tons, and 125 tons is, with high-speed performance of 50 knots, in other words, they are quite effective, "- he added.

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