In the North Caucasus lasts undeclared war

In the North Caucasus continues undeclared warDespite all the assurances are not federal and local authorities that the North Caucasus will soon become one of the most prosperous regions in the Russian Federation, there are such outrageous cases like attack The mob city.

February 25, in the evening there was an attack on the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik. As reported by RIA announcements, citing a source in law enforcement, was fired about 20:10 republican FSB building, located in the center of Nalchik. The building four shot from a grenade launcher.

Around this time, gunmen opened fire on two traffic police post: post "Shalushka" on arrival in the city and "Khasanya", located on the outskirts of the village of the same name. It is also reported that in the area of the 1st of departmental health centers Nalchik explosion. Source ITAR-TASS in law enforcement structures SKFO said the question about the sanatorium FSB "Leningrad". Source RIA Announces noted that "several small groups of militants moved in cars. "

Prior to the attack on city came a few emergency. February 18-19, in Kabardino-Balkaria has been committed just three crimes against tourists: the three tourists were shot dead by gunmen on the cable car to Mount Elbrus was bombed, and near the hotel in the ski village found a car bomb.

On February 22 in the Elbrus area was surrounded by a group of thugs, but they managed to escape from the area cordoned off. During the operation one soldier was killed and six wounded. February 23 military conducted a mortar attack on the countryside and then began to sweep. But in the process of stripping was found only abandoned camp, accommodation for up to eight people. In the camp found a gun, several sets of police uniforms and supplies of food. Near the camp again just found blood. The corpses or traces of graves were not found. February 24, it was announced that the militants managed to escape from the cordon, and participants had to expand counter-terrorism operations search area.

And against the backdrop of such communications control of the country and the local authorities are willing to do in the North Caucasus world-class tourist resorts, investing in the region more and more money, much of which goes to the so-called. "Earmarked spending."

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